Criteria for nudist park visits

I picked the parks to visit on 3 criteria: 1) They had to be fairly close to my projected route across Canada; 2) They had to be "Singles Friendly"; and 3) They had to be accessible to my rig. There are some parks listed here that aren't singles friendly but were listed as such, or I was told that they were. When contacted I was refused entry because I was a single male. Others were singles friendly but couldn't handle my rig. There are also numerous Clothing Optional (CO) beaches, springs, lakes, riverbanks, etc on my route that I will try to visit. However, I will be listing only the ones I actually visit. The rest aren't listed for two reasons: 1) there are too many of them; and 2) Websites already exists that lists all of these. In fact I'm providing updated information on what I find to these websites (see " Links"). This site's primary purpose is to point out which I find are "Single Friendly" and which aren't. (photo is of the central lawn at LARC)


SOL SANTE; Mill Bay , Vancouver Island , BC . AANR/WCANR
Strongly Recommended.
Although not an AANR member when I visited, Sol Sante is now AANR, and is very singles friendly . The second night I was there ( I got there late the first night) I had people knocking on my door, inviting me to the evening soak at the spa. Call ahead for reservations and make sure you get the gate combination in case you get there late.

The club has a tent area and an RV area for visitors. Both are all grass and the RV area has water and hydro (for you non-Canadians, “hydro” is power). Two of the sites are 30 amps and the rest are 15 amps. There are no sewage hook-ups (yet) but they do have a dump station.

The park has all the usual stuff, heated pool, spa, sauna, clubhouse with kitchen, horseshoe pits, badminton court, sand volley ball court, etc. One of the unique things about this place is that they have 2 lakes, one stocked with Rainbows, and you don't have to have a fishing license because they are private. If you're really brave, you can also swim, but beware, the lakes are spring fed and they are COLD! They also have on-grounds hiking trails for nude hiking. The property is heavily wooded hills. The deer have made themselves at home in the grassy areas.

VAN TAN CLUB; North Vancouver , BC . AANR/WCANR
Not Visited
AANR Member. This club has a problem with the access road so, if you have anything larger than a mid size Class C, don't even try it.

SUNNY TRAILS CLUB: Lake Errock , BC (Hwy 7, east of Mission , BC ) AANR
Not Recommended.
Website is not active.
Effectively, Sunny Trails doesn't exist. There is no “Sunny Trails” sign on the road, just a big sign saying “THE! Campground”. The RV Park went textile to keep from going broke. They say that the RV section is generating the money they need to make the improvements mentioned below.

The RV section is now Textile with full hook-ups with 30 amp service and lots of tenting sites. However, the water service isn't controlled, it comes from a local creek, so if you are susceptible to “Montezuma's Revenge”, don't drink it. They have a couple of taps that are UV treated for drinking water, so bring bottled water; although I've been drinking the local water without any ill effects. There are lots of trees and grass, some fire pits and picnic tables at the RV sites (and the main railroad line close by, if you like trains, this is the place). There is no clubhouse, sauna, hot tub, pool, or much of anything else in the textile area except for a children's play area.

For Nudists, you park in the textile area and walk into the “nudist area” behind a tall wood fence. This area currently has a sunning area, picnic tables, sauna, and a satellite TV in the clubhouse. There is also a weight bench and some weights, but I couldn't find the second barbell or most of the weights. I've got a better selection in the trunk of my car. There is an above ground hot tub that is only fired up on weekends and has had the jets disabled by order of the health board. It seems that, in addition to the side jets, it had seat jets that pointed straight up and this is illegal in BC so they had to disable all of the jets. It's strictly a hot tub now but the temperature was 104 Deg F. which is where I like it. Most of the clubhouse is currently being used to store construction material. The outdoor area is a hodgepodge of grass, bushes, some old buildings, and mounds of gravel where work is being done. They also have stinging nettles so watch where you go. There is one major grass area that is great for sunbathing. There used to be an above ground pool but it also had to be removed due to some regulation.

One plan is to develop an unused 9 acres into “Sunny Trails Nudist Club” and turn the existing nudist area over to the textiles. However, no firm decisions have been made. Give this place a couple of years and it might be nice, then again, it might be just another run-down RV park.

I was charged $98 for the RV and $77 grounds fee's for a week, for a total of $175. But I didn't have much choice as the upcoming weekend is the May Long Weekend and finding a vacancy somewhere else would be problematic, at best.

Not Visited
Sunny Chinooks is a co-op and doesn't have any on-site management. Although they say they enjoy having visitors, they don't have rental units or rental RV sites. What RV sites they do have are owned by members, so the only way for an RV 'er to visit is to use a member's site when the member is on the road with his RV. You also have to pick a time when a member is going to be present to act as manager.

HELIOS: Edmonton , AB ; FCN.
Not Visited: Phone call revealed that they do not accept single males.

Recommended: I stayed 1 week.
A relatively small and quiet club with lots of trees and grass located about 25 minutes from downtown Regina. Very friendly. Sites are grass with water and power, roads are gravel. Club has a dump station but check with the manager before using (they have a pump problem). Make sure you get a current combination for the gate as they change it weekly.

Recommended: I stayed 1 week.
A very nice and friendly club. I was there for their "Casino Nite", which was fun. I lost about $5 at cards. They had a hamburger and hotdog cookout on Saturday and sold the leftover dogs on Sunday for lunch around the pool. The park is heavily wooded with pines and aspen (I never saw andy Crocus) and the sites are kind of haphazardously set among the trees. Water and power isn't always located in the same spot so extensions for both (at least 50 ft.) are recommended. A dump station is available (actually an old cabin site (minus the cabin) with a holding tank).

You better make sure you bring lots of Deet. The misqitoes and horse flys can be pretty brutal. But that's true everywhere up here. The members have just recently taken over operations from the property owner (who also lives at the club) so they are in a 'learning phase'. No gate combination to worry about, the club is buried deep enough in the woods that they don't need one.

Recommended: I stayed 1 week.
Another nice and friendly club. It's small and fairly new (9 years) but the grounds are real nice with lots of trees and grass. This is another park where there aren't any formal RV sites. They have a large grassy area among the trees with water and power scattered throughout. However, they don't have the water and power at the same locations. So my (above) remarks about extensions apply here also. Also the comment about Deet.

Recommended but pricy: I stayed 8 days.
A large and fully equipped park (see website) with a bunch of real friendly people (except for the couple in the travel trailer next to me that partied around their campfire until midnight, when I went out and asked them to turn down the music). The owners don't really have a handle on the whole internet thing, especially WiFi, so you have to go into Hamilton to get on the net. The in-season prices are a little steep, $228 for the RV for week, plus another $32 for the extra day and then $20/day for the ground fee. The whole thing cost me $420 for the 8 days (I stayed the extra day to keep from traveling on a holiday).

Recommended if you speak french: I stayed 1 week and was lonely in a crowd.