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Day 1, to Hondo area

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My lovely wife Robin is writing the journal this trip. I will interrupt her occasionally to clarify or add information. My comments will always be in Italics.

July 20 2010

Some trips start with putting your underpants on backwards or your pants on inside out. I'm not tellin' who did what. Even with that start we DID manage to successfully get Turtle and Toad on the road headed northbound; the right direction! We're happily en-route from the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas to CA and WA, with plans of seeing the sights and visiting family.

Photos of the day include the beginning of hill country South of San Antonio, the border patrol station we went through, and the lovely Medina County Rest Area where we are boon docking for the night.

Note for boondockers; All Texas rest stops, picnic areas, and parking sites are good for up to a 48 hour layover unless otherwise posted!

July 21, 2010 Day 2 Wednesday.

I-90 TX West of San Antonio. Drove from Medina Rest Area, westward through Sabinal's historic business street of lovingly restored brick storefronts, most with American Flags flying. A perfect photo opportunity for the camera ready. Whoops. The camera was not ready.

Then drove north on scenic Hwy 83 through beautiful rolling hill country, passing through the biker friendly town of Leakey, river rafting businesses and summer camps. The riverbed was pretty much dry, so the rafting business must prosper in the spring? Scenic Hwy 83 gives way to the inevitable and seemingly endless barren landscape of west Texas, meeting I-10 at aptly named ‘Junction'.

Then came a loud grinding sound under the coach. The right front jack had lowered almost to the pavement when we drove over uneven pavement at 65 mph. We were able to raise the jack and it stayed in place. Tired, we stopped at a noisy truck stop in Fort Stockton. One air conditioner and the microwave didn't work, but Mike figured out that one of the generator switches was turned off. Another crisis solved. This is one hot noisy dusty windy smelly truck stop. I-10 Exit 259B Chevron/Burger King truck parking lot. No fee ‘camping' for the night.

We did share a Thanksgiving Dinner of chicken, gravy, yams, string beans and cranberries. Thanksgiving for a beautiful drive, good food, good company, a fixed motor home and a safe place to spend the night.

July 22, 2010 Day 3

We drove from Fort Stockton, TX to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico via I-10 and then north on I-25.

Our drive took us through dry brush land, past the Davis State Park and Observatory (which we added to our list of places to visit). Train track runs parallel to I-10 at Sierra Blanco where we saw a very long freight train with 2 engines pulling and one engine pushing a heavy load of double stacked containers. A near empty Amtrak passenger train chugged along headed south. We had to stop and take photos at the Teepee rest stop on the outskirts of El Paso. See photos!

Exit 0 Flying J, El Paso is our preferred station to re-fuel because of easy access, an RV gas pump and propane. We stopped at the New Mexico Information Center which is a couple miles west of the TX NM border. The little center is brimming with travel brochures and is staffed by friendly helpful folks. New Mexico - The Land of Enchantment.

We stopped for the night at a rest stop north of Las Cruces, NM, (mm 32) giving us plenty of time to observe a thunder and lightning storm approach us slowly from the arid mountains in the eastern horizon. The huge open un-obstructed New Mexico skies provided quite a show of thunderous gray clouds, heavy gray skies reminiscent of Seattle, many frightening jagged lightning strikes, and 1 and sometimes 2 vivid rainbows. The western sky, in contrast, was blue with puffy white cumulus clouds and our coach was hot from the western setting sun. With a rush of powerful wind that rocked our motor home, the thunderstorm reached us; cooling the air just in time for us to get some needed sleep.

See photos of the storm!

For you RV'ers, the dump at this rest area (and its twin across the highway) is gone! I've heard rumors that New Mexico has back-filled ALL of their rest area dump stations!